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Green Custom Dog Bed Cover


Adorable Green Dog Bed Cover


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Lawn Green Custom Dog Bed Cover that is machine washable. This adorable medium dog bed cover is a natural cotton green dog bed cover can be stuffed with your own filler or even your own clothes. Dog's love your smell. Your dog will think he’s getting a brand new bed and you get to recycle and reuse, helping to minimize waste.  Add your dog's name to this green custom dog bed duvet cover.

MEDIUM: 36" x 27" x 5" Recommended for medium dogs weighing up to 60 lb

Please enter your dog’s name in Order Comments as well as color.  Dog name color options: blue, silver, green, brown, white, red, orange, or pink.

Don't you wonder what your dog is dreaming about? This bed provides one of the answers. The What Dogs Dream bed adds a wonderful, PLAYful touch to any home. And is sure to keep any dog's tail wagging during naps.

Better for the Planet – Reduce and Reuse
You know it's time to change out that smelly old dog bed. Instead of buying a new one, why not get a P.L.A.Y. Change-a-Cover? Restuff with an old filler or even your clothes. Your dog will think he's getting a brand new bed and therefore you recycle and reuse, helping to minimize waste.


-100% Machine Washable
-Playful design makes your pet feel super-special and shows off your unique fashion sense.
-100% natural cotton covering is soft, breathable and allergy-free
-Furniture-grade craftsmanship and even-basting stitching ensures dog-years of use
-Lead-free zipper keeps avid chewers safe from toxins and makes it easy to slip cover off for washing or replacement for a new style
-Made in a facility that meets the strict quality standards for infant and children products
-Momo-approved and tested by her four-legged friends

"I always wondered what my dog might be dreaming about. This design depicts one of my many conclusions." -P.L.A.Y. Artist Dave Collins.  Since your dog loves you, show your love for him/her with this adorable cover!  This PLAYful design keeps your pet feeling cozy, while bringing smiles to anyone who sees it.

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